USLMRA Membership:  What Do I Get For My $20.00 Annual Dues

By Bruce Kaufman, “Mr. Mow It All,” USLMRA Founder, Past President, Advisor

Sometimes we’re asked “What do I get for my $20.00 USLMRA membership dues?  I only want to race locally, so why do I need to pay national dues.”

  • USLMRA dues hep support all Chapters and Clubs across the country. The family fun, camaraderie and love of American adventure is engendered by a strong national organization.
  • A National Staff, that provides consistency.
  • A national staff that provides credibility.
  • National Rules that consider the needs and desires of the entire country, not just the largest.
  • National “All for One” mentality that the dues you pay allow racing to take place across the country.
  • Insurance that provides strength, consistency and affordability for EVERY USLMRA Chapter and Club across the USA.
  • An Advisory Board that addresses issues, challenges and growth strategies.
  • Administrative expenses such as web site, postage, travel, food, staff honoraria, accounting, and tax preparation.
  • Legal counsel as needed.
  • Equipment such as printers, computers, etc.
  • Product from national sponsors.
  • Potential paying venues for Local Groups.
  • Travel to sports marketing conferences to promote and grow the sport.
  • National publicity such as the NBC Today Show, Fox News, Wall Street Journal.
  • Local television news on a consistent basis
  • Financial contributions to Local Chapter projects or emergencies like when a hurricane takes out power lines and lights at a local track.


I hope Local Club Leaders convey this value with BELIEF, CONVICTION, and LOVE OF THE SPORT across the country.  There really should be no push back on an annual expense that costs less than a trip to McDonalds’s on race day morning.


Bruce Kaufman

“Mr. Mow It All”

March 9, 2020