Heading into the 23rd year of USLMRA racing we all look forward to another exciting year of this great sport. As in past years we are always looking at reasonable changes we can implement to make this sport safer and more enjoyable. We look at what other racing groups are doing, what mower-build techniques they have and try to improve on them. We reach out and listen to what racers are saying and if what they say make sense and fits our vision then we strongly consider what they have said.

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This year we will be making some changes in areas that we feel will make the mower safer, some changes that will help us in how we do business, nothing too drastic keep in mind.

Of special note is that effective this year Age Limits have been modified for racing in the AP class for those drivers who meet the following criteria;

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  • Be at least 13 years of age
  • Have 2 years’ experience in JP at National level events
  • Have 1 year experience in GPK at National Level events

This will allow the AP Class to grow and expand while allowing some family members to compete with each other.

Let us all remember that we should strive to maintain professionalism in our appearance and conduct, and we hope to keep participation fun, affordable, safe and competitive. For those who wish to spend time seeking loopholes in the rulebook, or defeat the spirit of the rules; we suggest you are racing in the wrong organization.

Running USLMRA is a business and steps continue to be taken to ensure that we can continue running this business in the green. Always remember that wherever we do race it will be conducted in a safe, professional manner and we would hope that our members would conduct themselves the same manner whenever at a USLMRA Event.

For questions concerning these rules, we highly recommend addressing them on our Facebook Page so our members may see the questions and answers. You may also contact the designated staff members by e-mail for answers to any questions you may have.

So, welcome to the 2015 Season! We hope that everyone has a safe, exciting season and enjoys the fellowship of your fellow racers.


Bruce Kaufman, USLMRA President
Kerry Evans, USLMRA Vice President of Administration
Richard Webb, USLMRA National Chief Steward
Manny Torres, USLMRA Race & Technical Director