A Message from the Race/Tech Director
In Advance of This Year’s
USLMRA Nationals


With the most significant event of USLMRA’s Season, this year’s 2019 USLMRA Nationals event will be held at River Bottom Speedway in Carlisle, Iowa.

The 2019 racing season has been exciting and challenging with National Race events held everywhere from Georgia to Oklahoma to Oregon to South Carolina to Iowa and finally back to where we will end the season with the most significant event of the USLMRA 2019 season, however there are some issues that need to be addressed.

With this year’s event at a familiar venue where USLMRA has held a USLMRA National Finals event we need to ensure that racers and operating staff members demonstrate our professionalism and pride in our sport. This has all the possibilities of being a spectator event for USLMRA, so please come prepared follow the time lines posted and ensure that you and you pit crew member’s conduct yourselves in a professional manner.

Track Address:
River Bottom Raceway
Hwy 5
Carlisle, IA 50047

Camping at the track: will be available all week if they contact Doug Barber at dougbaber@live.com for help with the area for camping

Hotel Information

A block of rooms is reserved at the Sleep Inn & Suites in Pleasant Hill, IA. This motel is about 10 minutes north of the track and the National staff will be staying here as well. There are plenty of other options available in the greater Des Moines area. If you are looking for something special just let me know and I’ll do what legwork I can for you.

Other area Motels (motels close to the airport would be next closest to the track)



Yellow Banks Park is a county park about 10 miles north near Pleasant Hill and is a nice park some racers enjoyed last year and does have electric sites, shower houses and takes online reservations for 9 campsites, the rest are first come. Electric camper sites are $19/night, tent sites are $13/night.

Map from Yellow Banks to Track:


Track Specifics: The straightaway are 200 ft. long and the track width is 25ft wide, the track has guard rails on the straightaways and stacked tires in the corners

Race Order for this event will be as follows:


Drivers Registration will be $25 per driver and one pit person is $10. All other pit passes will be $20.


Event & Time TBD


Registration/Tech:     12:00-2:30 pm
Drivers meeting:        2:45-3:15 pm
Open Practice:           3:30-5:00 pm
Heats if required:       5:30 pm (for positions 11 and up)
Features:                     8 pm


Breakfast and Awards Ceremonies  9:00am,         

Registration and Tech Will only be open during the time stated, do not wait for the last minute to show up for inspection or Registration. As much as we would hate to, we will not be able to continue past the posted times.

Once the drivers meeting starts everyone needs to pay close attention for special instructions

Once we begin, we have a time line that we want meet. So other words we’ll be on the clock! So be ready, when practice, heats (if needed) and finals begin be lined up and ready to roll when you are summoned to the track. We will have no time to wait for those who are slow lining up.

This year we have had deep concern about the driving habits some drivers are demonstrating in several classes with the most concern being in the GP, FXS and FXT class. So it’s up to you drivers to clean up your act. Enough said!

It is asked that all drivers once again review section I (Rules of the Track) and section II (Rules of the Pit & Grid) in the 2019 rule book and remembers all eyes will be on “The Lawn Mower Racers”. We will not tolerate any type of un-sportsmanship type of conduct.

As with past events, we have always taken the stance that we do everything possible to allow all racers to take part in racing events for that day – however, with the large number of racers expected and the tight schedule we will be required to follow this year, it is imperative that all mowers are to the USLMRA standard. Remember this is not just a USLMRA National Event – it’s the “USLMRA 2019 Nationals”, and we are the big show so let’s be impressive.

Some specific items of concern are as follows:

  • Governed Engine classes (JP, IMOW, GPK, GP & GPT), engines must be completely stock! With the exception of exhaust. Other words, as removed from a grass cutting mower with no modifications, example; Starter, air cleaner, double batteries, Carburetor Modifications or internal modifications.
  • Throttle cables must be secured so that RPM cannot be increased by pulling them on Governed classes stated above. This will be checked closely!
  • Fuel will only be fuel bought from service stations (pumped Gas), like SUNOCO, Marathon gas stations that sell 100 octane or VP racing fuel. No Alcohol or other type of additives of any type can be used.
  • Mowers MUST be clearly marked with Correct class, Number, and Sta-Bil Stickers and be clearly visible from at least 100 feet. This is to assist Timing and Scoring and the Chief Steward during the race and during line up. Which means lettering/Numbers must stand out clearly. “This is an issue drivers continuously fail to comply”.
  • Mowers must be clean and free of oil and fuel leaks prior to coming through Technical Inspection. Many have been identified to have fuel & oil leaks and rejected. Again another issue drivers continuously fail to comply.
  • In every class original engine block assemblies must be used, example; cylinder block, sumps, side covers and cylinder heads. The only exception is the valve cover which Billet/aftermarket valve covers can be used to allow clearance for roller rockers if used. What does this mean? Billet side covers and sumps or forged Aftermarket Cylinder heads are illegal
  • Correct tire type and sizes for class running may be used, example no Hoosier tires in prepared classes, same size and type on each axle, Font and rear
  • All Prepared classes must have shift able transmissions with an exposed shifter lever and an operational Clutch which engages/disengages the driveline.
  • Nerf Bars / Side rails are now permitted on all Classes of mowers as allowed in FXS/FXT to protect the driver’s feet from side collisions. They will be mounted on the running boards
  • When going through Tech ensure you bring the complete mower, which means with hood and transponder, no exceptions!
  • Only the driver will accompany the mower thru tech with the exception of minors, a parent may accompany them. This is to eliminate crowding around the tech line.
  • Remember only FXS/FXT can have the axles offset as stated in the rule book.
  • All Positive Battery cables will be covered at all connection( Starter, Solenoid, Battery) with tape or Boot covers
  • Finally, please be prepared, have your mowers ready and arrive early to the Tech area for inspection. In past years many drivers wait for the last minute to go thru tech and with the staff doing multiple duties this has created a problem in starting the event on time.

This reminder is not intended to discourage anyone from attending, but rather to encourage all to download the USLMRA Rule Book and read it! Then, if any questions arise, contact the USLMRA for clarification of the rules.

Again we will do everything possible to allow everyone to race, but Local Chapter Presidents and Drivers must also do their part in ensuring mowers in their LC/AC are prepared for inspection to USLMRA Standard.

Finally With reports of an extremely high number of racers planning to attend it must be understood that this is a championship race and we will be looking at allowing a safe number of mowers on the track for the championship race. Please remember that the top ten in the points standing will be pre gridded, the remainder of the field 11 on up will be determined by a heat race if needed to safely fill out the race field. Others words, if you’re not in the running for championship top ten standing there, is a possibility you may not qualify for the championship race. Another note is that drivers must have complete 2 USLMRA National point races to be qualified to compete at Nationals.  The main concern will be classes with an extremely high number of entries.  There is a possibility that if we start 15 mowers in finals there is a chance that some of mowers will not be able to race in the finals. Racers need to understand that our main concern is safety. We will not allow an excessive number of mowers on the track if we deem it to be unsafe. Again this is due to the fact that this is a championship race weekend not a regular national event. Once we get on site we will determine what the safe number of mowers will be.

Again we will do everything possible to allow everyone to race, but Local Chapter Presidents need to get this information out and Drivers must also do their part in ensuring their club member understand the importance of the event.

So let’s be prepared, be professional, be safe and have fun.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2019 USLMRA Nationals weekend, have a safe journey!



Manny Torres
USLMRA Vice President