25th Anniversary MOWER Madness

By Angeline Robinson

I first heard this idea was coming together when we were all down in Avon Park, Florida in March of this year. Mr. Harold McDonald and his son Monte had their mower hoods in the works for a very special USLMRA 25th Anniversary project that would debut at their home track in Claremore, Oklahoma at the STA-BIL National event they were hosting. My excitement to see these MOWchines completed was through the roof!

We arrived in Claremore, to see these MOWchines, and they did not disappoint! Both Mr. Harold and Monte’s mowers have been numbered with a 25, to commemorate the 25th Anniversary, of course! Both feature awesome moments and people found throughout our 25 years of lawn mower racing! Being the 25th Anniversary they thought it was good to involve everyone that has ever been in or part of USLMRA, racers and tracks from across the country are included on their mowers. Some they have met, some they have not, but they hope to one day: some of the pictures also depict those within the lawn mower racing community that have gone too soon! What an amazing way to keep their memories alive! There are also some tracks pictured that they have visited, along with others they hope to visit soon.

Thank you Harold McDonald and Monte McDonald!

Posted by United States Lawn Mower Racing Association on Tuesday, November 7, 2017

I was able to talk to Mr. Harold a little about what these mower wraps and what this year meant to him. He explained that they love being a part of USLMRA and this great sport! Harold went on to say: “I think it’s important to let people know how important they are to be a part of this sport. So, what better way to show appreciation than to have pictures of them on our mowers.”

Mr. Harold and Monte went online to gathered pictures of STA-BIL® and USLMRA events. Monte arranged them in no certain order to put on their mowers. Mr. Harold explained that they wanted to draw people to people our hearts and to their group. (It’s not hard, if you’ve ever met any of these Okies!) Harold went on to say, “We love it when people walk up to look at it and they see pics of them on our stuff. Some people go look at them for long periods of time and possibly see several pics of them at different venues.”

Mr. Harold and Monte have 3 mowers between them for people to look at and admire. All three mowers display different collages. They hope it touches everyone’s hearts like it touches theirs to take them around the track on our mowers at the venues they race at. They are going to try to make it to as many races this season to show them off to as many people as possible, in hopes that it gets more people excited about getting into the sport from the enthusiasm they bring to them.

The mowers are also a tribute to O.K.MOWERRACING. They have been racing a circletrack for about 5 years now, and last year their group became an Affiliated USLMRA Club. They were able to be a part of the 25th Anniversary this year by hosting one of the biggest races of the season, so far! That’s a pretty spectacular accomplishment! The Midwest MOWfest STA-BIL Midwest Regional Championships was a huge success in all of our books. Mr. Harold and crew put on an amazing show, and they can not wait for what’s coming next in this sport! Harold concluded with “We will strive harder to make this sport and our group to be bigger and better every year.” “MOWtivation is our passion”

Way to MOW Mr. Harold, Monte, and the rest of you awesome Okies!