2019 USLMRA Rookie Candidates

Please use this voting form to cast your ballot for Junior and Adult Rookies of the Year from the following candidate lists

2019 National Voting Form

2019 Rookie USLMRA Candidates


Jr. Rookies 2019


Justin Wyant          SC

Conner Wood        IA

Lexie Farnsworth   IA

Hayden Anderson  IL

Chryslin Jacobs      IA

Brooklyn Roper     OK


Adult Rookie 2019


Sara Gosnell                    OK

Damion Pope         GA

Tyler Farnsworth   IA

Justin McGraw      IA

Cable Davis           SD

Kenneth Clark        SC

David Butler          OH

Chandler Sinnett    NC

Zachary Jensen      SD

Rachel Thompson  IA

Brandon Barron     CA

Thomas Smyth       MI

Dale Gould            GA

Scott Chambell      SC

Brad Adams           OH

Brandon Black       OH

Alley Carter           OH

Chance Morrison   MI

Dave Scharold       OH

Joe Wood              IA

Taylor Swartz        OH

Steve Fesler           OH

Andy Williams       OH

Bob Cockrell         OH

Mark McCool        OK

Claire Enos            IA

Les Pantry              SC/BLMRA