Miller Tire is proud to announce its participation in National Tire Safety Week, celebrated from May 29 –June 4, 2017 when they plan to bring tire safety awareness to drivers and racers alike. Miller Tire will be offering tire safety tips to racers all week long, showing their commitment to educating the USLMRA about proper tire care.

National Tire Safety Week is an initiative of the Rubber Manufacturers Association’s “Be Tire Smart – Play Your PART” program, which is designed to help drivers (and lawn mower racers) learn the simple steps they can take to ensure that their tires are in good working condition.

A 2014 survey of more than 3,300 road vehicles by the Rubber Manufacturers Association found nearly 7 out of 10 vehicles had at least one under inflated tire. Under inflated tires increase the risk of tire damage caused by excess heat within the tire. Over time, this damage can lead to tire failure and loss of vehicle control.

Miller Tire believes in the USLMRA community. As our official tire sponsor, they are committed to educating racers about the hazards of improper tire care. Miller Tire is here to answer to your questions, and to educate us about proper tire care and maintenance.