From the Desk of Manny Torres
USLMRA Director for Race/Tech Operations

There will be two STA-BIL Lawn Mower Racing Series points races on Saturday, August 12, at the Illinois State Fair.

As we prepare for the Illinois State Fair’ STA-BIL National USLMRA Points Race in Springfield, Illinois, there are some areas that need to be addressed.

1 driver + 2 pit people will be allowed into the event for free.  They will be also be allowed 1 parking for the vehicle hauling the mower. All others will need to pay admission.

Entry gate will be posted in advance.

Being this will be a double race event schedule for 1 day only it is important that drivers show up on time for Registration and Tech at 8 am on Saturday 12 Aug.

  • Mowers will have transponders mounted before going thru Tech
  • Sta-Bil stickers must be on mowers I.A.W. the rule book.
  • Mower Class and Number will Be Clearly marked on the mowers so that they are visible from 100 ft. As stated in the rule book.
  • Mowers must be clean as much as possible so that we can identify and leaks and unsafe issues during Tech.
  • For FXS & FTX mowers without on board starters you are reminder that once on the track if by chance your mower stalls no one will be allowed to enter the track to assist you in re-starting the mower
  • In event of an accident and the driver is injured, no one from the pits will be allowed to enter the track unless the Chief Steward allows it and that will be only for 1 member of the immediately family.
  • As soon as the last race has ended and Kerry Evans has returned to his trailer, transponders must be returned.
  • All members of your pit crew must have wrist bands, there is no exception on this!

Schedule: Saturday, August 12

Registration:          8a – 10:30a
Tech                       8a – 10:30a
Drivers Meeting     11:00am
Practice                 11:30am (1 hr.)
Heats                     1:00pm
Main I                     4:00pm
Main II                    7:00pm
**Note: Main II will line up according to the Pill Draw Inverted.

Race Order:


  • As this racing event is the 1st weekend of the fair, camper space is very limited due to the livestock shows, fair vendors, etc. so it is highly unlikely there will be any camper spaces available.  Attached is a list of surrounding area campgrounds that your mowers would be able to contact for scheduling camping if they have a camper.
  • Tent camping is available on the IL State Fairgrounds and there should be ample space tent camping if desired – reservations are not required but are recommended for a guaranteed spot.
  • There are several hotels located in Springfield, IL as well, if your mowers are planning a hotel stay; however, I would suggest that they book their rooms as soon as they know they will be participating because the hotel rooms fill up well in advance, especially the closer hotels to the fairgrounds.  The fairgrounds is located at 801 E Sangamon Avenue, Springfield, IL  62702.
  • There will be a specific gate that we will want racers to enter with the vehicles hauling the mowers. M\ower driver (+ 2 pit person) will be allowed admission free, all others in the vehicle or with the party are required to pay fair admission price.    Any vehicles that will not be hauling mowers will be required to enter through the public parking gate (this is a different gate) and will be required to pay parking and admission fees.

I wish everyone a safe journey to Springfield, Illinois’ and I look forward to seeing you there.

Manny Torres
USLMRA Director for Race/Tech Operations