A Note From USLMRA President Bruce “Mr. MowItAll” Kaufman

Zoë Kaufman has been around lawn mower racing her entire life, which is unavoidable since she is the daughter of USLMRA President Bruce Kaufman, “Mr. Mow It All.”

Zoë is serving as a USLMRA Summer Intern.

What comes around mows around! 24 years ago, Chicago author, radio host and man-on-the-road Dave Hoekstra interviewed U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association President Bruce Kaufman for the Chicago Sun-Times, and on May 7 Dave and Bruce got together again, joined by USLMRA Hall of Famer and Cool Rides Online Champion Kevin “Cooter” Penne on Dave’s WGN Radio Program: Dave Hoekstra’s Nocturnal Journal.

If you’re even considering trying to get a lawn mower up the elevator of Chicago’s legendary Tribune Tower, don’t. We just tried that, and we ALOMOST made it! It should be noted that after 45 minutes of maneuvering the lawnmower through the fine décor of the elevator shaft, security WILL ask you to leave. Just another day in the lawn mower racing lives of Kevin “Cooter” Penne and Bruce Kaufman, Mr. Mow It All.”

We then decided to park the lawn mower outside Tribune Tower, on North Michigan Avenue, in the heart of Chicago’s Magnificent Mile so that folks could marvel it. Many people were fascinated at the sight of a lawn mower parked on Michigan Avenue.

Dave Hoekstra, of WGN Radio interviewed Bruce Kaufman on all things lawn mower racing. Referring to our sport as the “Grateful Dead of Motor Sports”, Dave and Bruce discussed all things mow, including who races, how fast they and why we race. Beginning its roots in Great Britain (at the request of the Queen herself, perhaps?), lawn mower racing now has it’s own 24-year-old history and culture in the U.S.

Ivy and Alex Stella, were even married at a lawn mower race, and if that doesn’t sound like a good party, then what does? Ivy and Alex were ablerto call into the station, and of course Cooter was miced up outside and chimed in with his own tales of the turf.

Thanks to our old pal Dave Hoekstra for letting us visit on WGN Radio, on his show which is heard in 38 states and Canada via Am 729 WGN – The World’s Greatest Network.