Please take a moment to read this special message from USLMRA National Tech Director Manny Torres in advance of next weekend’s launch of the 2014 STA-BIL Lawn & Garden Mower Racing Series…

Fellow Racers;

I want to let you know that I don’t track or monitor treads on heymow. Instead, I focus on what racers say on race day, at the track.

I realize that everyone has their own opinions on what they think is right and what should be allowed, and I respect that, however I have been entrusted by USLMRA President Bruce Kaufman since 2007 to update the rule book annually as needed, as well as to focus on USLMRA Racer Safety and changes that would make the sport fair to all racers alike. It’s not always an easy task as I have found out in the past years that no matter what is written not all racers will be satisfied with what is written.

Lawnmower racing was designed to be an inexpensive sport, thought some have gone to the extreme in spending we need to keep it basically a simple as possible. Several racers just can’t afford to spend high dollars so we have decided to have rules to everyone can be competitive on the track. Does this always work? Not always. So we are very careful on what we allow and what changes we make to the rule book. Again not everyone will be satisfied with the end product. But that’s how it has to be.

I have been asked to address some questions on the rack and pinion steering; the bottom line is that “Modifications not listed are not approved” or legal”.

The USLMRA Rules state  “as delivered from the factory unless otherwise stated”. Rack and pinion steering has never been legal for any class, period.

Bottom line; I have yet to see a riding mower with Rack and Pinion steering and if there are some out their then I could MAYBE take a look at the set up the assembly used and how it could be used on race mowers. The types of Rack and Pinions I would guess are the type sold by ARC and they are for Jr Dragsters. Which are completely out of the question?

So as of now Rack and Pinion Steering are illegal for all classes in USLMRA.

Manny Torres
USLMRA National Tech Director

As always, you can read, download and print the United States Lawn Mower Racing Association Rule Book here