A Note From USLMRA President Bruce “Mr. MowItAll” Kaufman

Each race in this year’s STA-BIL National Lawn Mower Racing Series will be covered by one of our own members, a designated “Pit Reporter” who’ll report back on the weekend’s happenings, the racing action, and mow!

The fourth race in our 2015 Season, held in Ellerbe, NC, was covered by Angeline Hartness Robinson. Enjoy her earlier story on some good karma at the race here!

The 2nd Annual Racing 4 Taylor STA-Bil National race was held May 16 and 17 in Ellerbe, NC. A small town right outside of Rockingham; a town rich in the roots of racing. The Ellerbe Lion’s Club is home to a track affectionately know as the Lion’s Den. This is a small, but very fast race track. The clay as hard as asphalt, with a racing surface almost as smooth as glass.

The Racing 4 Taylor race is a race that the Crouch family hosts annually in an effort to raise money and awareness for Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. A disease that plagues young Taylor Couch’s life. Taylor is the vibrant 6 year old daughter of Rex Crouch Jr. and Jill Taylor Crouch.


There were many activities and fundraisers throughout the weekend in an effort to raise money for this foundation. Doc Khufeldt, our amazing announcer came up with some fantastic ideas to raise money; he started with the license plate that was mentioned in my last blog post Doc then started inviting the entire crowd to reach into their pockets for a dollar. He then had Rex Jr run around the track with a donation bucket collecting the dollars! It was awesome! T-shirts, wristbands, custom cornhole boards and stickers were sold, custom cornhole boards were raffled off, money buckets went around the track; it was a great weekend for raising money for such a worthy cause.

Mowers and crews began rolling in early Friday morning in anticipation for the annual “Tossing 4 Taylor” cornhole tournament and the annual Racing 4 Taylor race weekend. The cornhole tournament got underway around 6:00 pm with teams from all around the Carolina’s participating. There were a few teams there who were in it to win it, but most who played were in it to have fun and help raise money for the Crouch families Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis fund. Friday was a great night of friends and fun!

Saturday and Sunday brought racing, lots of racing! Several of the racers that came to town were looking for some much needed wins in their classes; some were able to drive their way to success, while others did not. The racing was loud! The racing was fast! But most of all, the racing was fun! There were some spills and bumps, and even a good old fashioned protest. At the end of it all, most walked away with a smile on their face!

It truly was a wonderful weekend for racing in Ellerbe, NC. I’d like to personally thank each member of the Crouch family, the entire track staff at Ellerbe, and all of the awesome racers that came to support this awesome cause! The Crouch family raised around $2500.00 to donate to the Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis fund in honor of Taylor Crouch!

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