Greetings from Mow Central…where an anniversary took place this past summer with little, indeed no, fanfare: This past summer marked 25 years since our friends at Gold Eagle Co. / STA-BIL inquired about the possibility of creating “The Great American Lawn Mower Race.

And the rest is history…USLMRA history.

USLMRA history was of course predicated by the Twelve Mile 500 (1963) and the British Lawn Mower Racing Association (1973) both of whom are members of the National Lawn Mower Racing Hall of Fame, along with the Morton (WA) Loggers Jubilee (1976), and the West Bend (WI) Tractor Racers.

I remember the trip to England in the Summer of 1991, initial planning with the North Suburban Sports Car Club to create USLMRA Rules and By-laws, the first time we took a tractor to the Lake County (IL) Fairgrounds in November 1991 to test the course, the first trip to the Twelve Mile 500 on July 4, 1991, and of course, the first STA-BIL Nationals on September 5, 1992.

I’m good with names, dates and places, and I’m also a saver and archivist, some say “pack rat,” so it has been fairly easy for me, and quite enjoyable, to visit memowry lane to gather materials and look back on the first 25 years of USLMRA.

25 Years! Our Silver Anniversary!

This milestone is remarkable…but then, not really. From Day One, April Fools’ Day 1992, folks responded…immediately! I realized then that we created something cool that resonated with folks…and still does.

With strong Association structure, corporate sponsorship, legal, insurance and financial, administrative, and Board of Directors oversight, we launched STA-BIL Lawn Mower Racing and the USLMRA – with a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek humor.

We hoped someday, someone might pay attention. That day came immediately, and we’re still kicking grass!

Thank you racers, racer families, venue hosts, Local Chapter and Affiliated Club officials, media friends and assorted sods scattered across the land. And of course thank you to Gold Eagle Co. who also celebrates a significant anniversary in 2017: 85 years in business! Congratulations Gold Eagle!

We have a great year ahead to celebrate our 25th Anniversary, and I look forward to continuing our journey as we continue to evolve into a truly unique contribution to American culture.

On Your Mark, Get Set…MOW!

Bruce Kaufman
“Mr. Mow It All”
USLMRA President