A Change In Leadership:

By Angeline Robinson


Most of you know that Bruce Kaufman founded the USLMRA 26 years ago and he has held the presidential role within the organization for all of these years. Even though navigating this crazy ship that we all ride upon each racing season is a full time job, Bruce holds down an every day full time job with the Gold Eagle Company, Sta-bil’s “mother ship!” Earlier this year, Bruce accepted a new, more demanding job within Gold Eagle. This new job has not only taken more of his time away from Lawn Mower Racing and our large family, all of this also took away time that he spent with his real family at home.


Upon careful consideration for all involved, Bruce decided that he would step down as president of the United States Lawn Mower Racing Association to enable him to spend more time focusing on his new position at work and spending more time with his wife Debbie and son Lee who need him much more than we do.


Stepping down from the presidency was not an easy decision by any means. The USLMRA is just like a child to Bruce. He built this organization from the ground up with the help of some amazing friends, some spectacular racers, and an amazing line up of people in the background pitching in each and every time he called for help.


Although some of us have known for many months that this day was fast approaching, I was not ready! Bruce came to me Saturday to “prepare” me for his announcement which would come Sunday morning at the banquet. I’m sure that any of you who truly know me, knew that I really needed preparing for this. I am an extremely passionate person in life, and I do not turn those emotions off while at the track. Bruce and I have formed a pretty awesome friendship throughout the years that we have been in this organization. The mere thought of showing up to a field to race and not seeing Bruce come wheeling in, fashionably late, because he had been on some grand adventure in some small town between the airport and race location made me shutter inside. The thought of not hearing the regular family updates on Zoe, Artie, Lee, Mrs. Debbie, and Mr. and Mrs. Kaufman devastated me. Then I thought of all of our after the race festivities; who would I make drinks for? What would we “SKOL” to? Who would be the life of the after race party? I have found myself lost deep in these thoughts since I first received word of this. I hope that you all see why I am so emotional about this. Bruce is so much more than just the president of the USLMRA, he is a friend, he is family, and I will truly miss his larger than life presence around each and every race track! Bruce asked me to let you all know that just because he is no longer president, doesn’t mean that he is just not here, he’s just taking a smaller role within the organization. He will still attend some races, just not all of them like in years past.


Bruce informed me that he was handing the reins of his baby over to Kerry Evans! This was exciting to me, even though I am still quite sad. Kerry and I have worked side by side for the past few years at the races, we have become quite close, and I am very happy for him and for the organization! Kerry is firm in his decisions, which I know a lot do not appreciate; I however have appreciation for Kerry’s firmness. He doesn’t let much slide by, he calls you out, and I like that!


Kerry has spent much of this year navigating his way through things alone. Quite a few of you have stepped up to offer your help in the absence of several of our national staff members throughout this season, it has been very much appreciated! We all can assure you now that things will be different next race season. We are all going to work with Kerry during the off season to help get things sorted out for smooth sailing into next season. Kerry has a lot of potential venues all across the country interested in hosting races next year. He is doing everything in his power to seal the deal on those and to make next season the best race season yet!


So everyone please join me in saying farewell to President Bruce Kaufman, and giving a very warm welcome to President Kerry Evans! I love you both, and I am quite excited to see and be a part of the new changes and new venues in 2019!