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The STA-BIL Racing Series, featuring 11 classes of mowers racing at speeds up to 50 mph with all cutting blades removed, is composed of 16 national points races across the country.  It was started in 1992 by Gold Eagle Co., a Chicago family-run chemical manufacturer, to promote STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer, an additive that keeps gas fresh for quick starts.

“Lawn mower racing has been amazing in its ability to generate tremendous publicity and brand awareness for STA-BIL among consumers and trade channels since 1992. We love it,” said Marc Blackman, CEO of Gold Eagle. STA-BIL’s 21 years as Title Sponsor is one of the longest running sponsorships in all motor sports.”

You Race What? Why Marketers Use Lawn Mower Racing to Build Brands and Outsmart Competitors

  1. Stands Out: Lawn mower racing captures eyes and ears. We call it the E&E Effect. It’s different. As authors Reis and Trout said in The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, “when you’re competing with the number one brand in a category, don’t make your brand better, make it different.”
  2. Relatable: Everyone relates to cutting the grass and working in the yard. This context is a great platform, a perfect fit to market and promote your lawn and garden brand using lawn mower racing.
  3. Affordable: No need for a government stimulus package. Lawn mower racing offers marketing programs exclusively tailored to meet the needs of growing lawn and garden brands. Think of it as NASCAR on a normal budget. Think of it as outsmarting, not outspending your competition.