USLMRA Sponsors

  • STA-BIL® Fuel Stabilizer
    Consumers and manufacturers alike rely on the family of STA-BIL®​ branded products to provide ultimate protection and prevention for their vehicles and equipment. The STA-BIL®​ brand offers a range of products designed to treat all your engines—from everyday driving vehicles to collector cars, snowmobiles to boats—STA-BIL®​ goes above and beyond to protect like no other.
  • HEET® Gas-Line Antifreeze
    HEET® is the #1 selling gas-line antifreeze and water remover for a reason. Because it’s the best and most reliable product when it comes to removing water from the fuel system and preventing freeze-up and harmful rust and corrosion. You should never be worried when it comes to operating in frigid temperatures. Not when you have HEET® pumping through your car’s veins.
  • 104+® Octane Boost
    The 104+® brand was America’s first octane boost. And since 1975, it remains to be the BEST octane boost out there, hands down.
  • Start Your Engines!® Fuel System Revitalizer
    Start Your Engines!® is that little miracle you wished you had when you were a kid, throwing your shoulder out trying to start that old lawnmower. It’s an amazing fuel revitalizer that ensures your gas-powered equipment and other small engines start the first time, every time.
  • 303 Products
    Penchant for protection? 303® products offer a diverse line of 5-star protectants and cleaners worthy of your slightly obsessive standards. Since 1980, 303® has been the premium choice for avid boaters, car enthusiasts, homeowners and those who refuse to settle for any less than the best. No other brand works as hard to keep the things you love like new, longer.
  • K&N Filters
    K&N Engineering, of Riverside, California, is the inventor and leading innovator of reusable cotton gauze filter technology for automotive applications. K&N is a family-owned business with an enthusiast mindset and a direct connection with motor sports that carries over throughout all levels of management and manufacturing.

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