As the USLMRA celebrates our 20th Year in 2012, we are proud to announce the formation of the U.S. Open Points Series. The goal is to continue to expand our appeal to more racers outside of the USLMRA and to continue to host U.S. Open events for USLMRA members and non-members to compete where they otherwise could not. The U.S. Open will afford a wide range of lawnmower racers an opportunity to participate in a USLMRA National Level Race without having to qualify for the USLMRA STA-BIL Keeps Gas Fresh Finals.

Starting with the Sam Rogers U.S. All American Open, November 4-6, 2011, racers will get a chance to run for points in the U.S. Open Series.

Confirmed events for the 2012 U.S. Open Series

As of November 1, 2011 confirmed events for the 2012 U.S. Open Series include the following, and more will be added on an ongoing basis:

The U.S. Open Series will begin with the first U.S. Open race after Labor Day of each year, and will culminate on the subsequent Sunday of Labor Day weekend.

U.S. Open Series races will primarily be stand-alone events, and not intermingled in with STA-BIL Lawn and Garden Series races.  In some cases, U.S. Open Classes may be added to a STA-BIL Series Race.

U.S. Open Rules as defined on the USLMRA Website will be used and posted soon.

First ever U.S. Open Points Series Class champions will be crowned on the USLMRA 20th Anniversary Celebration, during the 2012 STA-BIL Nationals Weekend.

1st-5th Place trophies will be awarded in U.S. Open Classes

Qualifying for the U.S. Open

  • Racers must have participated in organized/sanctioned lawnmower racing of some sort within the 24 months previous to any U.S. Open Series Events. These racers may be required to provide proof in the form of official results from previous races.
  • Open to mowers that adhere to at least one class structure outlined below.

(No new classes will be created on the day of the event).

U.S. Open Series Rules

  • Open to any USLMRA-legal mower, USLMRA Local Chapter (LC)/Affiliated Club (AC) mower or, any mower deemed safe by USLMRA Tech Staff.
  • No roll cages.
  • Open to all mowers that meet all USLMRA Safety Standards, see USLMRA Rule Book (No Exceptions).

Class Designation / Groupings

Goal:  We want ALL groups out there to be allowed to compete in the U.S. Open.  We have created a set of rules designed to allow just about any reasonable type of mower to compete. Please review rules below. Sanctioned Classes USLMRA rules apply:

  • KS: (Kids Stock)   “U.S. Open Only”
  • JP: (Kids Super Stock)
  • GPK: (Kids Governed Prepared)
  • IMOW: (Adult Super Stock)
  • GP: (Adult Governed Prepared)
  • AP: (Mini Sportsman)
  • SP: (Sportsman)
  • CP: (Mod X)
  • BP: (Super Sportsman)
  • FX: (Pro X)
  • SS: (Open Super Stock)   “U.S. Open Only”
  • FXS: (Open Single)
  • FXT: (Open Twins)

Safety Gear

  1. Every driver must wear an automobile racing or motorcycle-type full-face helmet approved by the U. S. Department of Transportation or the Snell Foundation.
  2. The helmet must fit snugly and be securely buckled when driver is on the track.
  3. Goggles or a face shield are required. Glasses are not adequate protection.
  4. All drivers must wear long pants, long sleeved shirt, neck brace, full-fingered gloves and leather over the ankle footwear on the track. Chest protectors and other anti-abrasive suits are highly recommended. No loose clothing on the track.

Mower Rules – Full Rule Book To Follow Soon

  1. Mower must use lawn mower 4-cycle motor.
  2. Must have brakes that work.
  3. Must have a commercially available working tethered kill switch.
  4. All throttle return must be double spring on the carburetor.
  5. No sharp or protruding unsafe sheet metal or objects.
  6. Tire choice is open for U.S. Open Classes
  7. Bumpers are allowed but not required.
  8. Must have a deck.
  9. Must use pump or race fuel, no alcohol or methanol.

Heat Grid

  • Each class will pull a ball for initial grid start positions. Time Trials May be used.
  •  Heat races will be lined up per Qualification.
  •  Heat Races – 10-15 laps, to be determined by Race Day Chief Steward.

Feature Grid

  • Sunday’s feature grid may be set by the finish order of heat
  • The possibility of an invert exists, this will be a race day decision made at the discretion of USLMRA officials on race day.
  • All starts will be “Rolling Starts”
  • Feature Races – 20 or 30 laps to be determined by Race Day Chief Steward (subject to conditions). (5 Laps U.S. Open Kids)

Multiple Qualifiers

Depending on amount of participation there is the chance we may run multiple qualifiers to pare down the fields for features, this will be a race day decision made at the discretion of USLMRA officials on race day. (Everyone will have a chance to race.)

Race Day Decisions

All race day decisions made at the discretion of USLMRA officials will be communicated to the drivers as soon as possible so everyone has as level a playing field as possible.

U.S. Open Series Points Structure

The number of Participants in the class will be added to the place point’s number below. All U.S. Open Points will be added together, including the final event on Labor Day weekend in Delaware, OH to determine a U.S. Open Points Champion. (Example: 19 drivers in the A/P Class. Driver wins 3rd place, 155 + 19 = 174 event points). 31st on receives class amount for points.

1st – 200+
2nd – 175+
3rd – 155+
4th – 140+
5th – 130+
6th – 120+
7th – 110+
8th – 100+
9th – 90+
10th – 80+
11th – 75+
12th – 70+
13th – 65+
14th – 60+
15th – 55+
16th – 50+
17th – 45+
18th – 40+
19th – 35+
20th – 30+
21st – 27+
22nd – 24+
23rd – 21+
24th – 18+
25th – 15+
26th – 12+
27th – 9+
28th – 6+
29th – 3+
30th – 1+


More details will be announced soon.

Bring it!