Mower to the Moon


About this Year’s April Fuel’s Joke

The Mission

In honor of the USLMRA’s 25th Anniversary and STA-BIL’s upcoming 60th Anniversary, the two organizations partnered on a historic mission to bring one mower and one lawn mower racer on the moon.

The Challenge

STA-BIL solicited a racer from the USLMRA membership to join the mission. Racers submitted applications explaining why they were the best racer to represent the USLMRA and STA-BIL on the mission.

The Competition

15 racers were up for the challenge and ready to blast off! The competition was tough among the sod slingers who applied, leaving the judges a very hard decision. See who was up for the mission.

The Winner

He may not be going to the moon, but he sure knows how to KICK GRASS… We’re excited to welcome our Mower to the Moon winner as the USLMRA’s 2017 25th Anniversary LAWNSTAR!

Congratulations DAMON MOSLEY!

Meet Damon Mosley

Hailing as the reigning Lone Star Mower Racing Association CP State Champion and recent winner of our Mower to the Moon April Fuel’s Day contest, Damon Mosley, is truly a racer that can shoot to the moon and we are proud to name him our 2017 25th Anniversary LAWNSTAR!


“I am honored to be chosen to mow to the moon,” said Damon from his home turf in Texas. ” I’ve been a US Air Force jet mechanic, performance flight engineer, C-141 avionics tech and have built police and EMS helicopters.   I’ve been a private pilot, auto mechanic and was lead avionics technical on a White House patrol helicopter after 9.11.  I’ve built 10 helicopters for the Los Angeles Police Department, served as a performance engineer spent 16 years in aviation and traveled all over the world.  I’ve also built some really fast racing lawn mowers and and am currently the reigning Lone Star Mower Racing Association CP State Champion – and that’s NO APRIL FOOLIN’!”
Damon Mosley

Mower to the Moon Winner, Newly Named USLMRA LAWNSTAR