FaceLube, the high performance anti-aging skin care technology for masculine men, will partner with the STA-BIL® Lawn and Garden Mower Racing Series to promote its premium products for a “Man’s Man” and mission to make masculine face and skin care products widely available at retail locations.

“It’s time for lawn mower racers to put their faces on a maintenance schedule,” said Candace Chen, FaceLube® founder and owner. “For lawn mower racers, as for all men, proper face care is not about vanity, and it’s not about looking young – it’s about looking good. It’s about getting the edge and getting ahead of the competition. FaceLube® celebrates masculinity and communicates with men through their natural affinity to their rides.”

It is in this spirit of mens’ affinity to their rides that FaceLube® will support the Sam Rogers U.S. All American Open, November 4-6 in Stevenson, Alabama. The “All American” will bring together lawn mower racers from across the country to honor the late Sam Rogers, a lawn mower racer who recently passed away.

Adult Racing Class Champions will receive FaceLube® Premium Kits and Spirit & Spark Trophy Winners will receive FaceLube® Standard Kits. In addition, all adult racers will receive FaceLube® Anti-Aging Sunscreen.

“Lawn mower racers are real men. They need to look good and get a competitive edge,” added Chen, a leading authority on the marketing of Masculine Face Care™ products. “FaceLube®, just like a custom racing mower, is built from the ground up, and uses no common beauty terms with female characteristics. Because men and women age differently, masculine men have different needs and preferences than women. We’re proud to support lawn mower racing and the men who drive the sport forward.” Chen also has more than 18 years in the automotive industry as a Los Angeles-based manufacturer and distributor of automotive service equipment and specialty products.

“Over the past 20 years, I’ve seen the faces of a lot of male lawn mower races, and I’m sure glad to have FaceLube® join us in helping them look good and help fight the aging that comes with the stress of being a competitive lawn mower racer,” said Bruce Kaufman, “Mr. Mow It All,” president of the U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association (USLMRA). “Just like the maintenance required to allow our racing machines to tear up the turf, racers’ faces need maintenance too.”