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The British Are Coming… To Bowles Farm

For a quarter of a century, people have been souping up their lawnmowers (yes, lawnmowers) to race for bragging rights. This month, the U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association (USLMRA) and its sponsor, STA-BIL brand Fuel Stabilizer, will celebrate the 25th birthday of...

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Summer Lawn Mower Maintenance

Summer heat can take a toll on turf, especially when your lawn care maintenance falls short. If you mow too low, water too much or too little, or ignore early signs of pests, your grass could quickly become lackluster or even completely die in small or large patches....

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June 23-24, Midwest Mow Fest, Claremore, OK

Race Fans, OK Mower Racing and USLMRA would like to welcome you to the 4th stop of the 2017 USLMRA STA-BIL National Lawn Mower Racing Series and the first USLMRA National Points Race in the Great State of Oklahoma in recent memory on 23-24 June 2017 at the Will...

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Top 10 Tire Care Tips from Miller Tire

Although tire safety is a key part of lawn mower racing, tires are one of the most overlooked parts of maintenance. According the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA), only one out of 10 drivers checks his or her tire pressure correctly, compared with almost seven...

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Miller Tire Committed to Tire Safety and Keeping Racers Safe

Miller Tire is proud to announce its participation in National Tire Safety Week, celebrated from May 29 –June 4, 2017 when they plan to bring tire safety awareness to drivers and racers alike. Miller Tire will be offering tire safety tips to racers all week long,...

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Special Edition: The USLMRA’s The Blade is Out!

We had a MOWmentous time celebrating our 25th Anniversary with you on April 1st—from racing events across the country to our Mower to the Moon April Fuel's joke to joining the team of Fox & Friends in New York City, we had a kick grass time! There was so much...

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