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Awesome Alpharetta

Awesome Alpharetta and The Mower Racing FAMILY By Angeline Robinson The first lawn mower race of the 2019 STA-BIL racing season is officially in the books! The Cutting Edge United States Lawn Mower Racing Association’s Alpharetta, Georgia Race was an amazing show. The...

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A Change In USLMRA Leadership

A Change In Leadership: By Angeline Robinson   Most of you know that Bruce Kaufman founded the USLMRA 26 years ago and he has held the presidential role within the organization for all of these years. Even though navigating this crazy ship that we all ride upon...

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Bruce Kaufman Turns USLMRA Presidency to Kerry Evans

Bruce Kaufman Turns USLMRA Presidency to Kerry Evans I’m proud to announce that Kerry Evans has been named USLMRA President. As one of the USLMRA founders in 1992  I am comfortable knowing the USLMRA will remain strong and vibrant under Kerry’s leadership.  I will...

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2018 STA-BIL Finals Recap

2018 STA-BIL Finals Recap By Angeline Robinson Another one in the books: 2018 STA-BIL Finals Recap This past weekend was what I deem the saddest time of the year: the close of the Lawn Mower Racing season. On the weekend of September 22, 2018, lawn mower racers from...

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2018 National Voting & Nomination Form

Hello USLMRA Members :2018 National Voting Form Rookie of the Year List 2018 Please see the 2018 National Voting & Nomination Form.  Please bring your completed form with you to the 2018 STA-BIL Nationals in Jonesboro, Arkansas or email them to

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RobbinDreams Mowersports Competes At British 12-Hour (Part 1)

RobbinDreams Mowersports Competes At British 12-Hour (Part 1) By Angeline Robinson 12-Hour Video As most of you know, the RobbinDreams Motorsports team headed East, across the big pond this summer to...

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