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25th Anniversary MOWER Madness

25th Anniversary MOWER Madness By Angeline Robinson I first heard this idea was coming together when we were all down in Avon Park, Florida in March of this year. Mr. Harold McDonald and his son Monte had their mower hoods in the works for a very special USLMRA 25th...

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25th Anniversary Challenge of Champions Race!

As part of the USLMRA 25th Anniversary Season, River Bottom Raceway and the Central Iowa Lawn Mower Racing Association is hosting the return of the Challenge of Champions Race on Sunday, September 3rd at 2pm. (Don't worry, the Racer Banquet is scheduled to end at...

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In Advance of the 2017 STA-BIL 360 Performance Finals

From the Desk of Manny Torres USLMRA Director for Race/Tech Operations With the most significant event of USLMRA’s 25th Anniversary Season, this year’s 2017 Sta-Bil 360 Performance Finals event will be held at River Bottom Speedway in Carlisle, Iowa. The 2017 racing...

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August 12 STA-BIL Racing At Illinois State Fair

From the Desk of Manny Torres USLMRA Director for Race/Tech Operations There will be two STA-BIL Lawn Mower Racing Series points races on Saturday, August 12, at the Illinois State Fair. As we prepare for the Illinois State Fair’ STA-BIL National USLMRA Points Race in...

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Queen Acknowledges Jim Gavin’s Retirement

How did lawn mower racing start? Originally posted by the BLMRA here Lawn mower racing was started back in 1973 by an Irishman called Jim Gavin, who, with a bunch of mates had gone down to The Cricketers Arms in Wisborough Green, West Sussex for a few pints one...

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Words of MOWtivation from BLMRA Founder Jim Gavin

On the Occasion of Jim Gavin’s Retirement as British Lawn Mower Racing Association General Secretary Note From Mr. Mow It All:  Jim Gavin, BLMRA Founder, has recently retired as BLMRA General Secretary, turning the reigns over to Pete Hammerton.  Jim will always...

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